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Shamanic trance dance


Shamanic trance dance


What is Shamanic trance dance?

Shamanic Trance Dance rituals are held in a sacred space, accompanied by the sounds of dynamic tribal rhythms, world music, ambient nature sounds, and the beat of the drum. Along with a few other magical techniques that help you to let go and journey into the dream time mistery.

Shamanic Trance Dance applies effective ancient and innovative techniques that naturally and safely move one into a trance state of consciousness where it becomes possible to enter the mysterious hidden world of spirit, to discover visions, guidance, wisdom, healing, empowerment, beauty and magic.

Shamans and ancient people used trance induced by the rhythm of shamanic drumming, or repetitive chanting and clapping to enter these inner hidden realms of Spirit, that dwell within Great Mystery.

The Great Mystery or another world as is also sometimes known, is a multidimensional world that can only be perceived from within, wherein exists everything and nothing simultaneously, where every question and answer lives, it’s the place where our dreams are revealed.

Through the Shamanic Trance Dance ritual, you can journey to this place to find your answers to import life questions. In the modern world, we have a tendency to be always looking outside of ourselves for the answers, believing that everyone else knows better. However, the truth is the answer that lies within.

The Shamanic Trance Dance has 4 elements:

  1. Wearing the bandana which helps to let go of ordinary reality, distractions, inhibitions and the outer world. The bandana takes participants inside, into the inner world, where imagination, sprit, and dreaming can be opened and accessed.
  2. The intention which gives purpose, direction, and meaning to the ritual. An intention can be a life question or something that participants wish to bring into their life.
  3. The breath of fire is a very strong breathing technique, designed to raise the energy in the body, brain, and senses, it helps participants to let go of the mind and move into trance
  4. Dance to the rhythmic sounds which encourage participants to allow intuitive movement to flow through the body, let the music invoke emotions and allow the body to express its self.

Dancing for me is a way of expressing my aliveness, creativity, and uniqueness. Allowing the body to surrender and flow, doing its movements and not being constricted by the limitations of the mind can be one of the most amazing experiences that life can offer, so obvious but in the same time so unfamiliar to many as we got disconnected from our body, from our five senses that we forgot the small things in life that make us happy.

Dancing is the celebration of life, the moment when the sun is rising over the ocean beginning to start the dance with the water in all its beauty and splendor, the moment the sun sets and says goodbye but not before making its last dance showing its elegance and uniqueness, dancing is the art of lovemaking between a man and a woman, fire and water, tiger and dragon, passion and compassion, dancing is the contrast between dark and light, between the masculine and feminine, white and black and all the contrast and shades in an infinite possibility of this duality.  Dancing is movement, dancing is life, dancing is flow, dancing is completeness and everything that we see in the nature interconnected through webs of energy synchronizing in complete harmony. The sun doesn’t pretend to be the moon, the tree doesn’t pretend to be a rock so I invite you to surrender to your dance, to open your senses and be yourself with your uniqueness and take the courage to dive deep into your intuition and tune in your heartbeat and listen to its story.

Our ancestors used to dance so the rain would water their crops, for the sun to shine, they danced as an offering to receive favours from the Gods, are all these folk stories or there is something deeper in this Shamanic Trance Dance?


Shamanic trance dancing is not necessarily for everyone, people who are very predominant in the left brain (logical thinking) may find it challenging to let go and may find the dance difficult, however, is good practice to help balance it with the left brain (creative thinking) so they can let go of control.

People with epilepsy are at risk with Shamanic Trance Dance, as some of the movement and music could stimulate a seizure.

Individuals with severe cardiovascular problems are discouraged as the dance might aggravate there condition, if the condition is mild and they can listen to their body and slow down, then they may be able to do the Shamanic Trance Dance.

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy are encouraged to wait until later in their pregnancy,at which point it can be a great way to connect with their baby in the womb.

Women in the early stages of menstruation can sometimes experience an increase in flow and feel light-headed or dizzy during Shamanic Trance Dancing.

Shamanic Trance Dancing is not recommended for people with a history of severe psychotic disorders. People who suffer from depression or who are having a life crisis, however, can receive great benefit from Shamanic Trance Dancing.

To be over the age of 18.