About me

Hello beautiful being, thank you very much for visiting my website, I do hope from all my heart that you find the necessary tools to take your destiny into your own hands so you can change your life, reshape it, progress and transcend the limitations of your body, mind, and soul by being in touch with yourself, flowing like water, vigorous , fresh, that takes any shape or form so you can radiate vitality and beauty within and around you.

The path of self-discovery is not an easy path to follow, as from birth until now we have been conditioned to be in many different ways on how initially we were meant to be, but what other options do we have? we can either accept our current life condition or take the courage to dig deep into our shadows, confront it , experience it, and let it go so the negative charge from our body is sent back into mother earth.

The body is a very complex machine, but the basics are very simple, all we need to do is to unpeel the layers of stress, tension and trauma, let it go it from our bodies and put the seed that we want, water it, look after it, give it light and it will flourish into something beautiful and radiant, something pure that also others will adore and appreciate. We want to deprogram the unwanted behaviours ,patterns and program it with what we want…let’s think big and let our imagination create the best version of ourselves so we can reach our maximum potential.

Dogmatic religious beliefs, gender, race, and sexual inequality, traumas from our parents, negative events have all played a significant role in our lives, restructuring and reshaping us in square boxes ignoring our unique individuality. There are so many theories on how we should live a healthy life but not many encourage the idea to listen to the intelligence of the body, as it always communicates with us, it knows what to do to get better but we are not ready or can listen. When we take life into our own hands, assume responsibility for our actions, refine the body and treat it with respect then it treats us the same,  in an equal or even better way, what you reap is what you saw a proverb that has lots of truth as everything that we do has a consequence, so let’s make it a positive one, let’s create a good story, a happy one. The time to change is now, at this moment, the past is behind us, the future in front, and the present is in our breathing, so make sure you take a deep breath and come back to the present moment, into your being.

After years of exploration, trial and error I finally reached success in realizing that my purpose in life is to offer people the knowledge and information to heal themselves, to empower them through different healing modalities to reunite again with their body

I have studied different Taoist forms of spirituality from reiki where I have first realized the power of intention and energy, giving and receiving, which advanced into Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and various meditation modalities from Master Mantak chia Inner smile, Healing Love, Six healing sounds, Microcosmic orbit, Fusion of 5 elements and Greater Kan@Li  to yoga, Osho kundalini meditations, Tantric ritual and practices, and  many other healing modalities

Since early age, I  was passionate about sports in which later on I became a personal trainer and worked with different massage techniques to relax and detox the body, to cleanse the body so the organs can be vigorous and fresh, to massage the abdomen by deeply going into the organs and tune them so they can work great in perfect harmony.

Later on, I became interested in different shamanic modalities of healing, using music, chanting and working with one of the most amazing frog medicine(Kambo) , which changed my life, and I recommend it with the utmost  respect as it has the power to transcend and  reshape the DNA of the human body

I configured the body into 3 different categories, mind, body and soul, looking after the body making sure it is structurally aligned well and the organs are working well and that  the energy and blood is not being obstructed so it flows well and effortless, the mind in which I teach people various meditations and healing techniques, and the soul or energetic body being clean of any attachments, running on  a smooth frequency  so it is perfectly synchronized so it  attracts abundance in our lives

I mostly used my intuition when I work with people which is based on deep/ serious structure of knowledge, practice and life experiences which I continue to  update regularly

I am looking forward to working with you and I hope your life becomes as beautiful and meaningful as you imagined it to be.