benefits & outcomes

Improve health

By balancing the emotions ,the physical body and the  energetic body naturally you will go into a deep healing process where with time, discipline and enough rest the body will regenerate .You will feel better ,look better ,your energy will be much higher and a sense of peace will naturally occur .Earth revolves around the sun in about 365 days ,that is the duration that the body needs to rest once it is totally depleted from energy .In a modern society that is almost impossible to take time off for  so long but with the help of different therapies and lifestyle changes we can speed that process at a much rapid pace.

Sleep better

In many scenarios people go to the doctor and complain that they cannot sleep well .A medicine is prescribed ,the person can sleep better for a while but unfortunately this pills do not heal the condition ,the dose and the medicine has to be changed as the body will adjust to it ,and they usually  come with a price by having many side effects. We cannot treat a sleeping problem as that is a bi product of a much deeper issue. A disruption in sleep is and indicator that underneath  there is a root cause/problem that has not been addressed. By identifying the main problem, address it, work through it , naturally the sleep will improve as the body doesn’t have to give us signs anymore as the body is running smoothly.

Balance your mind

Humans have 5 basic senses :sight ,hearing, smell, taste and touch. Each of this senses is associate with the 5 major organs in our body ,heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys and liver which send information for the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us.

Each of this organs have a positive and a negative emotion. The body is like a onion with many layers which accumulates tension. stress, trauma. If this accumulates to much in our body our organs will get sick, to hot or to cold, to strong or to weak  and they will be filled with negative emotions. When that happens we tend to come out of our senses, we become numb, we tend to be always in a thinking mode, our brain is stuck in a continuous loop non -stop chatting with itself  in a constant fear of lacking, and our reality becomes a distorted reality then the one we live in the real life. Normal things do not satisfy us anymore as we are desensitised  ,no longer in the present to enjoy the small things in life as our demands are growing,  needing always an external stimulation to make us happy. By balancing the body, the emotions, the energetic body, we will enjoy the life much more, similar as when we were children, the mind will be quieter , more in the present and connected with nature.

Weight loss

This is a very interesting subject with many debates, many truths and many distorted belief systems.  It is very important to identify the root cause and it usually goes into 2 categories. It can be  a medical problem, hormonal imbalance, problems to the thyroid gland  which regulates the body metabolic rate or it can be an emotional /mental problem, and because we are not happy with certain aspects of ourselves we find  comfort in food, alcohol, addictions, with can lead to weigh gain. More then often it can be a combination of both, when we tend to have a not so good lifestyle the physical problems will tend to follow, being stuck in a constant loop of sickness.

We need to identify the root cause, address it, and by changing our lifestyle and the help of the therapies provided we can heal ourselves.

Increased flexibility

Flexibility is more important then we think, it is not just a stiff hip, a curved  spine, or being to stiff to bend over. When the body is very rigid and stiff there are blockages, energy is stuck, blood and lymph is not flowing properly ,which can create blockages interfering with the flow of the organs. In Tao it is said that stagnation means death and flow means life. When a river is flowing there is nature, there is wildlife, there is life. It makes sense to have our body as  flexible as possible, with no blockages, so the blood and the energy can circulate smoothly.

It is like having a car which is build to run on  360 horse power but it runs only at 220 as the oil ,filters and the general work was not done. If we live a life it should be at full potential and not to make any unnecessary compromises. As the body gets older it needs more care similar to an older car, and it is best to start as soon as possible until is not to late to  reverse the damage.

Low blood pressure

In general this may be good news, because the lower your blood pressure is , the lower you risk of stroke or heart disease. However in few cases, having  low blood pressure can cause problems , you might need to speak to your doctor. One of the most amazing therapy for this  is hijama and leech therapy which is effective  for reducing systolic blood pressure  in hypertensive patients.